The Drum Awards For Content: Who’ll Shine In Fashion, Health, Beauty Or Luxury Category?

Ahead of the awards ceremony on December 9, we recap the nominated campaigns in the Fashion, Health, Beauty or Luxury category, where Fenty Beauty, L’Oréal, Porsche and more are in the running.

These awards celebrate the world’s best branded content, with this category judged on innovation, creativity, clear strategic thinking, effectiveness and tangible results.

Twitch for L’Oréal – Maybelline NY

To promote its new mascara, the Colossal Curl Bounce, Twitch presented Maybelline with a unique opportunity to not only engage popular streamer Fasffy for a dedicated makeup stream, but also create an interactive community experience whereby viewers were able to choose every part of their look, from the colors to the style, using Twitch’s poll feature.

Twitch also created a custom chatbot enabling viewers to click through directly to purchase the mascara for themselves.

Ultimately, this campaign saw great success, outperforming metrics by as high as 89%, and sent sales skyrocketing with +31% increase in Maybelline brand searches on Amazon and +15.6% increase in glance views.

Whalar for Clé de Peau Beauté

Martha Stewart TikTok

The premium beauty brand, Clé de Peau Beauté, set out to expand its devout following and introduce its products to a new generation, meeting them where they go for beauty tips and inspiration: TikTok and Instagram. Teaming up with American icon and devoted fan Martha Stewart, this was the perfect partner for the brand’s TikTok debut.

Clé de Peau Beauté needed to promote its prestige products, drive users to the site and make waves on social and beyond. The juxtaposition of a classic brand on a fun, young platform was ripe for humor. The brand’s nuanced approach combined Stewart’s universal appeal, trendy-but-effortlessly-cool TikTok poses, and cheeky humor.

The idea was to reveal the brand and products as Stewart’s secret to her ‘thirst trap’ selfie. Clé de Peau Beauté worked closely with Stewart to create five videos all in the style and language of TikTok. The first wowed the world with Stewart’s acknowledgment and ownership of the Thirst Trap title and explained how she achieved it with some help from Clé de Peau. The following four videos featured different products and played on Stewart’s newfound status as a classy and desirable TikTok influencer, able to hold her own and outshine any other beauty tutorials.

The first video garnered over 5m views in the first five days. In total, across all content, the campaign exceeded 78m views on TikTok and Instagram, with the content beating the brand lift beauty category benchmarks by 222% (Kantar).

Drum and Conde Nast for Porsche

The Art of Drive, by Drum, aimed to increase brand relevance and consideration among new audience groups by understanding that contemporary luxury audiences want brands who lift them up and help them realize their aspirations.

The agency used Porsche’s history as a brand driven by a dream – to make the perfect sports car – as its inspiration. In partnership with Condé Nast and bringing together, for the first time, Vogue and Wired, the program featured the brightest cultural luminaries to inspire its audiences’ creativity, and provide tangible insights and interactive content to ground that inspiration in crucial learnings for success.

At its heart, The Art of Drive is a video-led platform designed to inspire audiences with inspirational films to achieve their dreams and then crucially provide the tools to achieve them through insightful educational content. Along the way the audience could interact with talent through a series of virtual events, making sure they got learnings that were relevant to them.

Porsche saw brand affiliation, association and purchase intent grow by double digits, all verified through an independent study specially built for The Art of Drive.

Zulu Alpha Kilo for Harry Rosen

Masters Harry Rosen

As Canada’s leading luxury menswear retailer, Harry Rosen has traditionally been seen as a place to purchase well-tailored suits for the workplace, but now needed to expand its audience to a new generation of men who don’t wear suits.

With a resurgence of interest in golf, the brand hijacked the sport’s premiere event, the Masters golf tournament, to prove that nobody knows golf style like Harry Rosen.

In a video series that was an imitation of a Masters broadcast, commentators offered their opinions not on the game, but on the players’ outfits. Using the vernacular of the game, the videos were full of double entendres bridging the worlds of golf and fashion, delighting the brand’s target audience.

The campaign drove unprecedented online traffic to, with pieces of golf apparel seen in the ads selling out. It exceeded retail category norms for recall by 62% and more than doubled category norms for favourability (125%). In particular, online sales of polo shirts surged 40% week-over-week after the launch.

Barbarian for Fenty Beauty

Fashion and Beauty

With the launch of its first fragrance, Fenty Eau De Parfum, Fenty Beauty wanted to shake up the industry and forge a direct relationship with its fans by launching direct-to-consumer (DTC). But launching exclusively online to an audience that had never smelled it posed a unique challenge.

Inspired by ‘ghost kitchens’ (delivery-only services that don’t require physical addresses), Barbarian created five secret Fenty ghost stores: online-only e-commerce platforms hidden in locations central to the scent’s creation built on Google Maps’ API. Each store contained a chapter on the scent’s creation, along with a chance to purchase it in limited-edition packaging.

Over five days, followers of Fenty Beauty’s social account hunted down the ghost stores, purchasing all stock within hours of discovery. The brand saw record sign-ups for future communications: email sign-ups increased 800% and text opt-ins lifted 40%, continuing long after the launch.

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