The 9 Best Joint Supplements Of 2022 For Comfort & Mobility

Every time your bones connect, a joint is there to facilitate the meetup. Joints are complex structures that contain bones, muscles, connective tissue, and joint capsules. They literally keep us together, and help us move our bodies in different ways. Hinge joints allow us to bend our elbows, while ball joints make it possible to rotate our hips, for example. Whether you’re running a marathon or just running an errand, your joints make it possible to do so smoothly and comfortably.

The name of the game is to keep your joints strong and nimble across your life span. However, there are a variety of factors that can negatively affect joint health over time: suboptimal nutrition, injury, oxidative stress, personal health issues, and everyday wear and tear can cause the joints to become stiff and worn down, making even the most basic movements more challenging.

Key nutrients, plant ingredients, and other targeted bioactives in supplements can help improve joint function and comfort, especially when combined with other joint-healthy practices like stretching, light exercise, and nutrient-dense eating patterns patterns (think: high-quality protein, healthy fats, colorful fruits and vegetables, etc.).* Targeted joint supplements are tools in your joint health toolkit to help with specific joint concerns and act as a proactive measure to support your musculoskeletal health as you age.*

The best joint supplements contain ingredients that have been researched and shown to deliver antioxidant protection, promote a healthy inflammatory response and/or strengthen joint structure.* Some of the science-backed active ingredients to shout out for joint health include (but are not limited to):