Talk Of The Team: 9 Products mbg Beauty Editors Adored In October

Beauty is a bit magical. Not in the poof, all your complexion concerns are gone! sort of way (after all, skin care seldom provides instant results). But beauty is both emotional and ritualistic, which does have the ability to make you feel somewhat spellbound. Maybe you have a face mask with an alchemist-like experience, a fragrance that teleports you to a different time, or a jewel-toned shadow that catches the light so well, it must be magic. And when you discover that one eye elixir to help you fake a solid nine hours of sleep (at least for the day)? Sorcery! 

Not to mention, the “witchy” aesthetic has certainly cemented itself in the beauty zeitgeist—just take Sarah Jessica Parker’s plum lips and platinum waves in Hocus Pocus or the grungy ’90s glamour seen in The Craft. Of course, witches weren’t always portrayed in this mysterious, ethereal manner; society has a long history of linking witchcraft with certain negative visual stereotypes, and I could dedicate a whole essay to the intersection of witchy tropes, beauty standards, and power over time (but that’s a story for another day). For now, allow me to swoon over the mystical notes that always seem to reappear during spooky season.

This month, the mbg beauty team kept a sharp eye on the products that made us want to channel our inner enchantress. Scroll below for our most valued launches of October—chances are you’ll find them as bewitching as we do.