Support Your Brain With This Neuroscientist-Recommended Tool

Simply put, omega-3s are brain food, and supplementation is a smart and effective strategy for getting adequate amounts.

“When looking for supplements, I prioritize omega-3s, as these are the brain’s essential building blocks,” Leaf explains. “Research actually suggests that when we do take omegas, specifically DHA and EPA, it does help to improve brain and mind and body health.”* 

However, not all omega-3 supplements are created equal. Finding a high-quality fish oil with optimal dosage that prioritizes purity and sustainable sourcing is no small feat. According to Leaf, omega-3 potency+ fits the bill.

“I prefer mindbodygreen’s formula for its potency (1,500 milligrams of EPA plus DHA per serving) and premium quality,” Leaf shares. “It’s made of the highest quality, wild-caught, cold-water, sustainably sourced, pure fish oil with an optimized EPA:DHA ratio and absorption profile (thanks to the triglyceride form).” 

She continues: “The results have blown me away. I’ve noticed significant improvements in my memory retention, clarity, and cognition—I even feel it has helped my overall mood. It truly is brain food.”*