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So many awful things are happening in the world today. It seems as if the good is weighed down under the bad. The invasion of Nancy Pelosi’s home and her husband being beaten in the head with a hammer was met with ridicule and jokes from prominent Republicans; it really made me take pause. What has our country become? Who are we?

Our world is in such a turbulent state. Wars and rumors of wars; chaos all over the place. Some children and senior citizens are being abused. Prejudice raises its ugly head on occasion. Some people resent their neighbor because they have a better house or a better car or more money than they have. Yet, they lose sight of the fact that, at least, they have a house to live in, and not a cardboard box. Their car might not be the latest model, while others’ feet are their mode of transportation.

You may not be rich, but at least you don’t have to beg on the street. Some of us have lost sight of being “thankful.”

If you woke up this morning, got up from your bed clothed in your right mind, you should be thankful for so many did not. The things that God has blessed us with, in my humble opinion, are sometimes taken for granted. If you see someone in need, try to help them in some way. Feed the hungry if you can. Don’t ridicule the unfortunate because that could be you.

We all have so much to be thankful for. We all have so many people in our lives to be thankful for. We should never mock people who are going through turbulent times.

As we sit around our Thanksgiving table with turkey and all of the trimmings, pause and thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us. Say a prayer for those who have lost loved ones, and at whose Thanksgiving table is an empty chair where once their loved one sat.

Not one of us can say that we have nothing to be thankful for. Take the time sometime and count your blessings. You will be amazed how blessed you are.



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Some Americans have lost sight of gratitude