Pueblo family raising funds to help fourth-grader walk again

Vance Davis tries out the Trexo machine and hangs out with "Mr. Eric" at the NAPA Center Los Angeles in January 2020.

On a particularly challenging day last school year, wearied from being strapped in and out of his stander, Vance Davis shouted his frustration through the halls of Sierra Vista Elementary School.

“I just want to walk again!” he yelled.

Special education teacher Mark Chartier remembers hearing Mark’s cry and how it “clapped at his soul.”

Vance has Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy and autism spectrum disorder, the former of which took his ability to walk just before he turned 4. Now 10 years old, Vance is a fourth-grader at Sierra Vista.

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“I can never feel sorry for myself again because of what this little guy has gone through in his life and what he continues to go through … yet he responds so lovingly 99.9% of the time to the people around him and to his family,” Chartier said.