New Book of Poems Meant to Inspire Readers to Strive for Love, Honor and Respect for Life

Author based verses on common-sense advice for challenging times

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif., Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “Claim Your Happiness: Practical Poetry for Life, Love and Self,” by Adil Panton, is the first time in his 30 years of helping clients that the author has placed his insights into a book to encourage all to grow, evolve, and get answers to common struggles.

Panton claims self-awareness and self-cultivation are the true paths to purpose and happiness, and healing and well-being can be successfully achieved when the process starts within the individual. His book of poems will help readers to navigate life during periods of adversity by calming fears and assisting in growth.

“My goals for this book are to inspire people to believe in themselves,” said Panton, “encourage awareness of the myriads of miracles of daily life and to help people realize that all that is sought already resides within.”

With more than 25 years of experience working in the healing arts, Panton helps his clients break through innumerable physical, emotional and energetic obstacles by providing healing touch, wisdom, insight and life-changing guidance.

“Writing this book was the result of an amazing succession of events,” said Panton. “One day, a
sincere friend gifted me a leather-bound journal with the specific request to record my
wisdoms about living a meaningful life. Soon enough, I found myself reading, listening, pondering, and writing just about all the time. As my journal filled up, I received plenty of encouragement to publish what I wrote.”

“Claim Your Happiness: Practical Poetry for Life, Love & Self”
By Adil Panton
ISBN: 9781982271688 (softcover); 9781982271701 (hardcover); 9781982271695 (electronic)
Available at Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Born in Havana, Cuba to parents of Jamaican descent, Adil Panton was raised in Jamaica by his grandmother. At the age of ten he joined his parents in New York City. As a young adult, he deeply felt empathy for other human beings conflicted with his sense of inadequacy to help. Over the years, he learned healing modalities, energetic bodyworks, martial art techniques, behavioral psychology, and Soka Gakkai International Buddhism. Today, he is a certified health professional in Southern California, offering clients well-being coaching and massage therapy, focusing on person-specific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. To learn more, please visit

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