Mental help is always available, even during the holiday season

Tracey Gruver

Mental Health Myth: The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. For some people, the winter holidays are not so wonderful. The good news is there are ways to make the holidays more enjoyable/bearable no matter how you feel about this season.

Thrive is a nonprofit located in Hendersonville whose main focus is mental health. Thrive helps to move people from surviving to thriving. One way they do that work is through helping all clients and staff to access behavioral healthcare through various channels like the Employee Assistance Network, or EAN.

EAN offers in-person and virtual therapy sessions to help people deal with things like holiday stress, anxiety, or even problems with your spouse. You can meet with your therapist weekly if you want, or you can go less often – frequency is usually up to you, and you and your therapist will talk about your needs. Maybe you just need help learning some coping skills for stressful situations, or maybe you need to work through some long-standing anxieties; either way, your therapist can figure out a plan that works for you.