KENS 5’s Roma Villavicencio talks beauty, fashion, fitness

It’s that time of year where we dress up and show face more than usual which could come with some anxiety. The simple task of dressing oneself turns into a chaotic mess of clothes scattered across the bedroom, trying to select the perfect attire just to go over to someone else’s house and eat their food. 

KENS 5 Great Day San Antonio host Roma Villavicencio’s flawless look is effortless. She spoke with MySA on how she gets camera-ready that could put those anxious thoughts of finding the right outfit to rest.

What does your routine look like before you head into the station?

My routine is pretty simple. Believe it or not, I don’t drink coffee! So, when I wake up, I shower, feed my puppers and let him play in the backyard for a little then head to the station where I get fully ready.

What are your go-to make-up products you can’t live without and why?