Hair loss: Tips and tricks to bring your hair back to life | Life and Arts

Hair loss is a problem that many young adults face – and one that can be difficult or embarrassing. Hair is an important part of self-expression and identity to many, and we want our hair to be healthy and well like other aspects of our bodies. 

While sometimes hair loss can be caused due to family history, many times external factors can cause it. Hormonal changes, medications and supplements, stressful events, or harsh hairstyles and treatments can all cause hair loss, according to Mayo Clinic

More recently, it has been found that hair loss may be a symptom of COVID-19, and people are finding it to be an issue months after recovering. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, it’s normal to experience temporary hairlessness after a fever or illness. Experiencing a fever while sick with COVID, on top of the stress of isolation during the infected period, has caused many to notice changes in their hair. 

Don’t fret because there are ways reverse the effects of hair loss, regardless of the reason you may be experiencing it. Here are some affordable treatments and products that may be worth a try. 

Mielle rosemary mint scalp & hair oil

Rosemary and mint are common hair-growth treatments. Rosemary encourages hair growth, while mint is good for the scalp. This $10 hair oil combines both and biotin, which strengthens hair follicles and is easy to use. Simply apply a few drops around the hairline and on the scalp and massage with your fingers. 

Scalp massages 

Massaging the scalp is thought to encourage hair growth and thickness. While the results are not immediate, this is an easy and free practice to incorporate daily. When washing your hair or using other hair products, massage the scalp with your fingertips to help with regrowth. You can also purchase a scalp massage brush


Minoxidil is an over-the-counter medication in shampoo, foam or liquid form. Products that contain minoxidil can encourage hair growth, and slow the rate of hair loss, according to the Mayo Clinic

Rogaine is a popular hair loss treatment brand that contains minoxidil. While bottles are a little more expensive at $28.99, this may be the route if you suffer from extreme hair loss or haven’t seen success elsewhere. 

Biotin supplements

Biotin can support healthy nails, hair and skin. Biotin is naturally found in some foods, such as salmon, chicken, eggs and peanuts, but you can also purchase supplement tablets if you have low levels of biotin in your system. 

Limit heat and chemical treatments 

It’s common for young adults to dye or style their hair with heat products. After years of chemical buildup or heat, hair can become damaged and need a break. If you’re noticing hair loss, it may be beneficial to put the curling iron down and try to leave your hair in its natural state. 

Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner

Many shampoos and conditioners can have harsh ingredients that may leave your hair feeling smooth but are actually doing harm. It’s important to know what’s in the products you’re using if you notice hair loss. 

With the sheer amount of hair products available these days, it can feel overwhelming trying to decipher the ingredients and make the best choice, especially on a budget. EWG’s Healthy Living app scans the barcode of your products and lets you know how many harmful ingredients they may contain.