Founder and CEO Nicky Jackson puts variety and joy into her daily routine

RangeMe founder Nicky Jackson is the latest to feature in our How I Manage My Health series examining how dynamic women from different career backgrounds manage their physical and mental health.

Founder and CEO Nicky Jackson believes a healthy lifestyle comes from mixing up her daily routine, moving her body with different workouts, and not being afraid to indulge in the things she loves, like good food and wine. 

She encourages women to “not feel guilty” and indulge in something just for themselves, at least once a week. 

“We are all wearing so many hats that it is very draining and exhausting a lot of the time. It may be as simple as a long bath, or a massage, a walk in the sunshine by the water with a coffee, something just for you which makes you feel good and brings joy”

Jackson has had a successful career as a Marketing Executive with brands like Kellogg’s, Pepsico and Jim Beam. But in early 2013, she decided to mix things up and started to develop a range of baby skincare products. 

Partway through the career change, Jackson began to ask how she would be able to get her product listed with major retailers. That’s when an idea bloomed– having a platform where she could upload her product easily would allow her to focus her efforts on buyers that were interested.

Now, she’s Founder and CEO of the product discovery platform, RangeMe, which allows new and emerging brands seeking distribution to connect market-ready products with retailers. 


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In the morning, I… 

Try and drink a big glass of water before any tea or coffee to help set up my water intake for the day. I am usually a camel and walk around totally dehydrated so I am consciously trying to drink more water!

My exercise routine includes… 

Usually two classes a week of a more intimate circuit-style class at a local small gym which includes weights and cardio, and then on the days I am not doing that I walk my two dogs or power walk with a friend. I try to move my body every day, I feel better for it mentally and physically and sleep better.

My favourite workout is…  

I like to mix it up and I don’t just stick with one thing, I go through phases where I use my Peloton bike and I ride, and then walk alternative days, or I go through phases of pilates classes, which are more on the high energy side. I love anything that supports toning and how elongated it makes me feel afterward, and then sometimes I attend circuit classes. I try to mix it up. I work from home so getting out of the house is the key!

I find balance in… 

Indulging in what I want over the weekends. I love good food and good wine (who doesn’t) and never deprive myself or feel guilty. I don’t over exercise, I just like to move my body and be outdoors. 

On health, I encourage women to…

Check their breasts and get regular checkups. Also, I have a lot of friends who suffer from low iron and attribute the feeling of exhaustion to ‘life’ balancing careers, children etc — however, we need to listen to our bodies. I also encourage women to not feel guilty and to indulge in something just for them at least once a week!

Best daily routine? Try incorporating variety and joy, says CEO Nicky Jackson