Droplette Micro-Infuser Is 66% Off With Exclusive Discount

Altogether the brand offers six six care treatments: retinol, glycolic acid, tranexamic acid, lip plumpers, collagen, and growth factors. (The last of which our beauty director Alexandra Engler was most excited to test.) Regardless of the capsule selected, their formulas never include silicone, phthalates, sulfates, or parabens.  

What’s more, the treatments are rated on a sensitivity scale adopted from the Clinician Erythema Assessment 5-point Grading Scale1. This allows new users to better understand the intensity of the formula before trying it (although you should always speak with your dermatologist before starting a new regime). 

If you’d rather shop by goal than ingredient, you can also turn to the brand’s bundles, which focus on targets like wrinkle repair, hydration, and detoxing. Each 2-week treatment includes 24 capsules, which are delivered in preset and color-coded order to minimize confusion. 

And if there were any doubts about the effectiveness of the micro-infuser, Droplette puts them to rest with clinically validated results. You can check out the full page for details, but a few of the highlights include 100% of participants in a 4-week trial of the Radiant Detox Regimen seeing improved skin elasticity and hydration.