Diwali beauty tips: Include these 6 vitamins in your skincare for a healthy glow | Fashion Trends

Who doesn’t want healthy-looking and beautiful skin, especially during festive time? Most of us follow a skincare routine and resort to moisturizers, toners, cleansers and serums and no doubt, these may work wonders but our skin also demands the right balance of nutrients. It is rightly said that what we eat reflects on the skin.

According to beauty and skincare experts, eating a balanced diet that includes a variety of essential minerals and vitamins is crucial for maintaining the health of your hair and skin. A bad diet can affect the structural integrity and biological function of your skin, therefore eating foods that are known to improve the skin is crucial.

Vitamins play a vital role in maintaining skin and overall health. From improving elasticity to removing dark spots, we need vitamins for everything therefore, we must ensure that our diet includes foods rich in these vitamins.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Navneet Kaur, MSc Nutrition and Dietetics and in-house nutritionist at Nutrabay, recommended these the top 6 skin-friendly vitamins:

Vitamin A

You must have observed that retinol is an active component of most anti-aging creams and treatments. Vitamin A helps stimulate collagen production, giving a firmer and younger-looking skin.

Vitamin C

Any skin-care routine is incomplete without vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant is required for collagen synthesis. Collagen helps preserve the skin’s elasticity, hydration, and tightness and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin D

Our body synthesizes vitamin D by absorbing sunlight from the skin. Vitamin D is integral for skin health as it is responsible for the growth of new cells. Studies have shown vitamin D is a promising treatment for psoriasis.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the most extensively used vitamin in dermatology. Vitamin E protects our skin from damaging free radicals owing to its potent antioxidant effect. Its photoprotective power also helps minimize UV damage.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

We need this vitamin to maintain a solid natural skin barrier and retain moisture. Niacin protects our skin from environmental damage.

Bringing his expertise to the same, Divij Bajaj, CEO of Power Gummies, elaborated on the benefits of these 6 specific vitamins that are good for your skin:

Vitamin K – In the body, vitamin K aids in collagen protection. Thus, wrinkles and fine lines won’t appear on your skin because they can keep up their elasticity. Vitamin K has anti-aging properties.

Vitamin E- It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making its consumption crucial for your general health. The most well-known uses of vitamin E are its advantages for the health and appearance of the skin.

Vitamin B5 – Its main benefits are increased hydration and comfort for dry, sensitive skin. It protects your skin from redness caused by UV exposure

Vitamin A – Promotes natural moisturizing, which means it helps to hydrate the skin effectively and give it a radiant glow. Vitamin A also supports the skin’s immune system, speeds up healing, prevents breakouts, and helps to speed up healing.

Vitamin C – This vitamin’s antioxidant capabilities, which fight cancer, and its part in collagen creation help maintain the health of your skin. This is why many anti-aging skin care products include vitamin C as one of their main constituents.

Vitamin B3 – Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B-3, may aid with some skin aging symptoms. Additionally, it aids in minimizing the appearance of age spots and other skin discolorations. Niacinamide shields skin cells from external challenges like sunlight, pollution, and pollutants while also assisting in cell growth.