Camila Mendes’s Partnership With Loops Is a No-Brainer

For her other skincare essentials, Mendes relies on a few trusty staples. She likes Eminence’s Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser and Stone Crop Hydrating Mist, KD Skincare’s KD Wipe Away the Day Acne Treatment Pads, Tatcha’s Water Cream, and Renee Rouleau’s Weightless Protection SPF. Oh, and she’ll never leave the house without her Armani Luminous Silk Concealer. “I’m attached to that product,” she says with a laugh.

When I ask Mendes if she’s a fragrance person, I get a resounding “oh my god, yes.” Her scent of choice? Armani My Way, which she swears up and down that she loves regardless of being an Armani brand ambassador. I imagine that sitting next to Mendes is akin to being swaddled in a haze of bergamot, white florals, vanilla, and cedar, and the actress wouldn’t have it any other way. “I’m really obsessed with having a signature scent,” she says. “I find it so attractive when people have a signature scent. I think it’s so hot when you smell somebody in the room and you know exactly who it is.” 

Needless to say, she doesn’t switch up her fragrances, and this kind of resolute attitude carries into the way she lives her life. Mendes believes that it’s of the utmost importance to be in touch with yourself, both from a skincare perspective and a mental health perspective. “Whenever I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the solution for me is [figuring] out what’s going on with [myself],” she says. “Get to the root of the problem and confront all those things, and bring them out to the surface. Have conversations with yourself. I don’t like anything that’s super prescriptive. I feel like we’re constantly changing as people. And we need to constantly reassess what we should be doing.”

When it comes to skincare, she feels the same rules apply. Mendes doesn’t believe in stagnant skincare routines. As her skin has ups and downs, she likes to tweak her methods. While her routines might change with her skin, you can bet on one thing: Mendes will always find the best solution.