9 massage parlors busted for prostitution, drugs

Police say nine massage parlors were busted and 20 people were arrested in Edison for dealing in prostitution and drugs.

Edison Township police say that the unlicensed businesses were busted following a covert operation. Many of them were located along the Route 27 corridor.

Authorities say that the investigation began in April and found that the businesses were dealing in prostitution, human trafficking, drugs and weapons.

“The public is the ears and eyes for the police department,” says Edison Police Chief Tom Bryan. “It’s not specific to Edison Township. It’s a situation that occurs across the country. We took the initiative to enhance the quality of life of our residents.”

Officials warned police will be ready to take action against any other business owner who engages in these types of illegal activities.

The businesses were located at:

1. A single family home, 152 Edison Ave.

2. Acupressure, 161 Route 27

3. New Star Spa, 1813 Route 27

4. Sunny Health Center, 170 Talmadge Road

5. Sea Blue Spa, aka Ocean Mist Spa, 2056 B Lincoln hwy. Route 27

6. Bonhamtown Massage, 1716 Route 27, 2nd Flr

7. Garden day Spa, 1659 Lincoln Hwy. Route 27

8. Blue Sea Spa aka Ocean Mist Spa, 2056 B Lincoln Hwy. Route 27

9. Oak Tree Acupressure, 1910 Oak Tree Road