8 Mental Health Tips This Christmas Season | KLIN

Financial worries, family concerns, and cultural pressure. This stressful trio alone can lead anyone to have a bad Christmas. And while no one has to really get into the Christmas spirit, it’s important to maintain good mental health through the holidays. Dr. Dave Miers of Bryan Medical gave KLIN News 10 tips on how to do just that.

1 – Take Care of Yourself

“We can all control our sleep, and our eating and our exercise schedule,” says Dr. Miers. “Always try to get a good night’s sleep, eat your meals on a regular schedule, and exercise.”

2 – Relax and Breathe

“It’s important to practice relaxation, do some deep breathing, maybe get a massage. Those types of things.”

3 – Set Aside Time for You 

“Do things that you like to do. You’re always running around doing things that other people are wanting to do. Find time for yourself and do things that you want to do.”

4 – Set Small, Manageable Goals

“You have all the stuff that you feel like you need to get done or that other people are asking you to get done. Break that down into small goals that you can get done on a regular basis.”

5 – Volunteer

“It feels good to volunteer. When you volunteer, you’re giving back and spreading that kindness to other people, and that feels good.”

6 – Budget

“Set yourself a budget. Know your limits. Setting that budget is very important.”

7 – Reflect

“It’s important to reflect on this time of year and to know what are the good things that are going on in your life right now? Focus on the good things instead of the things that are frustrating you.”

8 – Remember You’re in Control

“If you’re trying these things and you find that, ‘gosh, these things just aren’t working for me,’ then I will encourage folks to go to the Bryan Health website and take a behavioral screening.

‘Are there signs and symptoms of a mental illness there that I need to seek professional health to get some support?’”


8 Mental Health Tips This Christmas Season