6 tips to achieve stunning & natural makeup looks for the holiday season

Well, here are a few makeup tips that will enable you to stay glammed up all through.

Natural looks consist of very minimal makeup – foundation, concealer, mascara, lashes, and blush. Once your brows are done and you apply the above, you are good to go.

However, for a perfectly natural look, ensure your skin is in good health by exercising, drinking a lot of water, using sunscreen, and getting enough beauty sleep. Good skin is the only guarantee that your makeup look will be spot on.

You can also use glossy lip balms, hydrating lip balms, or even vaseline.

With plenty of activities and movements this season, it’s necessary to have a good quality, long-lasting foundation that will last you through the day’s weather, parties, and even travel. Remember to use a shade that suits your skin tone.

A thicker brow will help to give your face a beautiful balance and help define your facial beauty.

To spot this look, use a brow brush to brush your eyebrows, then use an eye pencil to fill the brows carefully. It is advisable to use the pencil in small, light strokes, one over the other, in the natural way your brows lay.

Similarly, you can also use brow mascara for a well-groomed look. Remember to consider the shape of your face before deciding on the final look.

Nothing screams fun and elegance like red lipstick. Apply a little concealer on your lips for a better look, then outline the edges for a fuller look. Ensure to wear good quality lipstick, one which you don’t have to reapply every time.

This way, it’ll make your lips pop the entire time.

Liquid eyeliner can be used on the lower or upper line or both. It helps your eyes appear bigger, adds shape to your eyes, and gives you a sharper and more intense look. To get that dramatic look, eyeliner is the way to go. The good thing with liquid eyeliner is that it doesn’t rub or smudge off.

For a look that’ll stay longer, apply primer on your eyelids.

For a beautifully striking look, apply two coats of good mascara on your eyelashes.

If you are comfortable with fake eyelashes, you can also wear them to draw attention to your eyes and give you a more dramatic look.

It’s important to choose the right type of eyelash for your eyes. Not only will the eyelashes make you look lovely, but they’ll also help you look good for a longer time.